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Sabisu Analytics As A Service – Sabisu Blog
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Sabisu Analytics As A Service

We’ve spent the last 7 years refining our cloud infrastructure here at Sabisu. It provides true collaboration, seamless data exchange and elastic compute/storage for historising & analysing your data at enterprise scale.

However, some customers are required to persist their data on-premise for regulatory, compliance or security reasons. For those customers we have a new offering: Analytics-as-a-Service.

Analytics-as-a-Service sends data requiring deep analysis techniques to Sabisu Cloud for analytics to be executed. The results are passed back. No data is persisted in the cloud.

So why should you implement it?

  • Runs on Sabisu’s scalable cloud infrastructure rather than client-side, or on your infrastructure
  • Nothing on premise that could slow up your servers
  • No need for an on-premise analytics server or private cloud
  • Always available (24/7/365)
  • Inexpensive to use
  • Zero configuration or set-up
  • No maintenance
  • Faster
  • Scalable horizontally to accommodate your data needs

We know the idea of our clients  data being in the cloud can be a concern to some of our customers, so we’ve taken steps to ensure security at all stages:

  • This service uses Amazon Web Services so there’s no physical access to the servers.
  • Only Sabisu Administrators have any access to these systems, though as your analytics servers are spun up and brought down on demand, they do not exist beyond the period of the analysis taking place.
  • Your data is not persisted on our servers as all analytics run in-memory only.
  • All data transfer is secured with SSL encryption and our proprietary encryption techniques.

For end-users, it couldn’t be simpler.

Users select the  analytic of their choice while reviewing on-premise data served locally. If AaaS is configured then the data selected is transmitted to Sabisu Cloud and the analytics/algorithms applied. Results are returned directly back to the client.

If you’d like to learn more about our Cloud infrastructure or you’d like to implement Analytics-as-a-Service into your environment please get in touch. 

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